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19 January 2030 @ 03:36 pm

I was born in 1989... Then, you were born 21 years ago... Which would make me twenty,
because everyone is 10 for two years.... Because fifth grade is really hard for every...one...
Mom!! How many lies have I been living??
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05 November 2010 @ 11:39 pm

 Hi, after a while without posting, I'm here with some D/E scenes, last scene last episode makes me do my top 5 Delena scenes, I love this two so much, please Elena, fall for damon, I beg you *:* Well I love much more, like when he saves her, the road trip, kitchen scenes, door scenes, when Isobel says "Because he's in love with you", etc etc, but I think these 5 are my favourites right now, maybe the one when he kills Jer hasnt got the best ending, but I love it because Damon shows his feelings, whatever, hope you like it!

Another shot of Whiskey cant stop looking at the doorCollapse )
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